Now Available: StationGuard 2.20 – Significant Improvements incl. GridOps Support

November 17, 2022

Now available: Get the latest StationGuard update free of charge:



With its newest update, StationGuard 2.20 can be integrated into the central management system GridOps, which brings many new features, in addition to several improvements on the sensor level:

Synchronization of assets and events into GridOps

Keep your data secure and up to date: GridOps serves as a backup and historian database for the alerts created by the StationGuard sensors. If the connection to GridOps is interrupted, all data will be synchronized as soon as the connection is available again. This is especially useful if the sensor connection is only intermittently available or is occasionally unstable.

Global asset inventory

Always find what you are looking for: StationGuard synchronizes all asset details and asset changes into the central database of GridOps. In combination with GridOps, you can now search and group your global asset inventory, i.e., by asset type. All the devices detected by all StationGuard sensors located across the grid have been indexed in this inventory. GridOps also keeps a history of different asset inventory states over time.

Active Asset Identification

Use reliable methods: StationGuard 2.20 actively identifies the devices and their properties by reading their nameplate information through the IEC 61850 MMS protocol. Receive the most precise and up to date asset details possible by enabling this optional feature.

Vulnerability management

Receive all necessary information: The detection of vulnerabilities is as difficult as the protection against attacks. Exact device type, precise firmware version, specific modules that are installed on the device, network module and CPU module identifiers, and more, they all need to be known, so you can assess your system’s risks correctly. The GridOps’ vulnerability management is designed to analyze the impact of various common vulnerability exposures (CVEs) and identify which IEDs are at risk.

And much more

Among the many improvements, StationGuard 2.20 also offers easy-to-understand reports, grid to station level incident analysis and active directory integration as well as role-based access control to limit or extend available functions for each user.


Get the latest StationGuard update free of charge:



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