StationGuard 2.30 Feature Preview: Device Search in ZeroLine

June 1, 2023

We are excited to announce a new search feature in the StationGuard network diagram that makes it easy to find all equipment information in your network: Device Search in ZeroLine.

With StationGuard, we aim to speed up the configuration process and rollout of sensors to multiple plants. Unlike other systems, StationGuard doesn't require a learning phase to establish a baseline of network activity. Instead, it creates a detailed allow-list based on device roles. Now, with our latest feature, you can search and highlight devices by engineering name, type, description, vendor, firmware version, hardware version, MAC address, and IP address to further speed up the configuration process.


How will the new feature improve security and engineering operations?

  • Find and highlight devices with ease: The search bar is designed to help you quickly find the devices you need by scanning asset details and descriptions. This feature is especially helpful when you need to configure a specific group of devices, such as switches that begin with “rugged” or devices that contain with “hitachi.” ZeroLine Diagram will seamlessly highlight all relevant items, ensuring a smooth and targeted configuration process.

  • Use advanced search capabilities: Even if there are typos in the search text, the search bar will still find your device. It also supports multiple keyword searches. For example, by typing “abb sieme” you will be able to highlight all ABB and SIEMENS devices, saving you valuable time and effort. StationGuard also allows you to search by partial IP (and MAC) addresses, making it easy to identify devices within specific subnets. For example, you can search for “192.168.1” to focus on these subnets and then create your own network zone for devices in that IP range.

  • Optimize device management: This new search feature allows you to easily investigate active alarms per device by searching for a device's IP address. You can also search for specific device information across a group of devices. For example, you can search for “7SJ6MD” to quickly locate a specific type of protection relays.

  • Group devices efficiently for network analysis: This feature also makes it easy to group devices. You can search and move all matching devices into their own graphical group in the ZeroLine. This helps you differentiate areas, zones, and security levels during monitoring and analysis. Combined with our other upcoming feature, you will not only be able to quickly identify all devices on your network, but also automatically classify them to facilitate grouping them into zones.



We believe this new feature will be an important part of the ongoing effort to secure the power grid. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming release and the exciting new features it will bring.

StationGuard 2.30 is scheduled for release in Q3/2023, but you can start testing this new feature today. Contact our experts and test the possibilities of the new feature yourself:

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In the meantime, to learn more about our other features and services, please visit our product page.

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