StationGuard Now Available

June 18, 2020

Detect Cyber Threats and Communication Issues in Substations

StationGuard, our new monitoring system for detecting cyber threats and IEC 61850 communication issues, is now available. In combination with the rack-mountable RBX1 platform, our solution helps to protect critical infrastructure by identifying cyber attacks or unauthorized actions in substation networks. It combines our longstanding knowledge of substations and IEC 61850 network communication analysis with an extensive pilot testing phase with customers worldwide.

Tailor-made for substations, and protection and SCADA engineers, its configuration maintenance does not require special IT security knowledge. Additionally, StationGuard offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to understand alert messages due to the ZeroLine visualization
  • Extremely robust and highly secure 19” platform RBX1
  • Detects cyber threats and IEC communication issues

Discover stationguard

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