StationScout 2.20 – More Flexibility and Other Improvements

January 16, 2023

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With the new StationScout update, you can look forward to ...

Ordering control commands

Now you can define the order in which these control operations are automatically carried out. The order of control operations is often crucial during interlocking testing to ensure that the interlocking conditions are properly checked. StationScout highlights the necessary control operations for executing a test step, increasing safety and clarity.

Exchanging test cases between ACC files

Standardization saves time when commissioning new substation automation systems (SAS) or upgrading existing ones. You can export and import test cases using StationScout to assist you in the creation and exchange of standardized test case templates. Additionally, you have the option to create and manage test case templates by specifying them in the open JSON file format using third-party tools.

Hardware support for external binary inputs and outputs (I/O)

Substation automation systems widely use binary inputs and outputs. For an easy usage in automated tests, StationScout supports IEC 61850 MMS-compatible I/O-boxes with binary I/Os. StationScout will automatically set or assess the binary I/Os during the automated execution of test cases if they are mapped to existing signals of the substation automation system.

Web interface access

You can now use StationScout via a browser to check and troubleshoot communication issues as well as to prepare and run test cases (Commissioning License required). Note you must still use the installed application to manage the firmware and licensing of a device.

And much more

  • Set the right focus during tests: In the details pane of IEDs and sections, you can disable the IEC 61850 MMS connection from StationScout to an IED's access point. StationScout will not connect to the IED when live status updates are turned on.
  • Prevent unintended control operations: Simply disable control commands in StationScout to guarantee all operations that occur are purposeful.
  • Benefit from advanced control commands: StationScout now allows to define the originator category and identity used in IEC 61850 MMS control operations.
  • Receive better information: NTP time configuration offers more detailed feedback about the synchronization state and synchronization problems.


Get the latest StationScout update free of charge.



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