VOTANO 100 2.20 Software Version Available

March 1, 2021

Our VOTANO 100 is the first portable device (15 kg/33 lbs) which offers highly accurate voltage transformer tests. This allows to use VOTANO 100 not only for electrical performance checks, but also for class verification and calibration.

With the software version V2.20 new features and improvements have been implemented. The most important ones are:

  • Modern design of VOTANO Suite
    The VOTANO Suite has received an updated and modern look and feel.
  • Accuracy improvements
    The accuracy of several sub-measurements for VTs and CVTs has been improved, resulting in an overall better performance of VOTANO.
  • More decimal places in nominal voltage input fields
    The number of decimal places in the nominal voltage input fields have been increased to allow improved resolution for the measurement.
  • Customized automatic assessment with additional ratio/phase tolerance
    VOTANO 100 now offers the option to customize the automatic assessment by defining an additional user-defined ratio and phase tolerance for the assessment.
  • Wiring diagram previews for all test setups
    The wiring connections for all tests within the measurement sequence can now be previewed.

The software version V2.20 also features new functional options:

  • Testing of 16.7 Hz VTs
    It allows testing 16.7 Hz VTs typically installed in Central and Northern European railway grids.
  • Manufacturer API
    The Application Programming Interface (API) for VT manufacturers enables large-scale, automatized testing of VTs and an optimal integration into production processes.
  • Software tool to perform calibrations of VOTANO 100 and VBO2 with reference VT
    The VOTANO Calibration Suite helps to verify the accuracy of VOTANO 100 and VBO2 on-site in combination with a calibrated reference voltage transformer.


Three new license options for the features described above are available. These licenses are designed to be additionally installed on your VOTANO device.

  • 16.7 Hz license
  • Manufacturer API
  • Calibration tool using an OMICRON reference VT

You can download the new software version free-of-charge in our Customer Portal. Please find detailed information about the latest software version in the “What’s New” document.

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