When Details are Crucial to a Purchase

December 2, 2020

About a year ago, we launched our new service, OMICRON Calibrations. Setting up an accredited IEC 17025 calibration laboratory underlines and enhances our measurement technology expertise once again. It allows us to offer our customers internationally recognized calibrations that meet the highest standards, in addition to our normal factory calibrations.

Fortunately, the demand for relevant service provision is steadily increasing, and one of our current customer orders is particularly worth mentioning: The order shows just how crucial details can sometimes be, as well as how our calibration team has coped with this exceptionally large order.

An unexpectedly large order

In spring 2020, one of the largest American utilities opted for our protection technology test sets. The order was for more than 50 COMPANO 100, ARCO 400, CPC 100, and CMC 356 test sets – each with comprehensive software packages and accessories.

The decision in favor of OMICRON was made because of our convincing complete package, consisting of sophisticated hardware and software, excellent advice. and personalized after-sales support. One important detail for the order was the demand from the customer for all devices to be delivered with accredited IEC 17025 calibrations. The customer wanted to ensure that results are internationally recognized, and that the responsible laboratory regularly demonstrates its expertise to an independent body.

OMICRON Calibrations was able to meet these requirements, and was also able to develop the necessary calibration procedures in no time. This was only possible due to our close collaboration with the development teams of OMICRON electronics. The major advantage of the cooperation between the two legally separate companies is that every detail of the full functionality of the devices is verified during the factory calibration, and can then be tested immediately afterwards in accordance with IEC 17025. The quality and correctness of the factory calibration are also checked once again.  

Teamwork as a factor of success

It was quite an effort for the laboratory to complete the order on time, as the specific calibration procedures and measurement uncertainty calculations required for some of the devices, such as the ARCO 400 and COMPANO 100, first had to be developed. An exceptional achievement by our Calibrations Team: The sheer number of devices that had to be calibrated in a very short period of time posed a challenge to our very well-organized calibration laboratory – it was literally a close call. With personal commitment and expanded shift working, however, we managed to keep to the tight schedule. Our professional approach and team spirit paid off, and our new calibration laboratory proved its worth with this large order, successfully passing the acid test.

Extended calibration services

Further calibrations apart from the COMPANO 100 and ARCO 400 calibration procedures were also developed during the year, such as those for other CMC models, the CMS 356, and the PDC 1. Dietmar Gehrmann, the Head of OMICRON Calibrations explains proudly: "Despite limited resources, we took the opportunity to further extend the services we offer." Accredited calibrations, developed and performed in cooperation with external partners, are continually being added to the services we offer. Current and voltage transformers (CTs and VTs), as well as products such as the CPC 100, VOTANO 100, TESTRANO 600, and BODE 100, can therefore have an accredited calibration immediately after their factory calibration.

We currently offer ISO 17025 calibrations for the following devices:

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