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Testing Grounding Systems Efficiently

February 26, 2018

OMICRON now offers a software-supported measurement for ground impedance and step and touch voltages. By combining the handheld tester HGT1 with the Primary Test Manager (PTM) software, all the necessary tests can be performed with full software support and the asset “grounding system” can also be managed in PTM.

Optimized for mobile testing solutions

Ground impedance and step and touch voltage measurements need to be performed at various locations inside and outside of a substation. For this reason, we optimized the PTM software with a mobile tablet solution. With this new test system, voltage measurements for determining the ground impedance can be done quickly and easily on site.

GPS-supported recording for measurement points

The process of logging and recording measurements has also been simplified thanks to this new device combination. In PTM, the user can either upload an image file or select an area of an online map. If a GPS signal is available, the corresponding geocoordinates are stored for each measurement point. The distance to the reference point is determined automatically. The measurement points can also be entered manually by tapping on the map.

Assessment according to EN 50522 or IEEE 80 standards

PTM can perform an automated assessment of step and touch voltage measurements based on EN 50522 and IEEE 80 standards. Depending on the standard selected in PTM, the relevant specifications are transferred to the HGT1 and automatically recorded for each measurement point.

Measurement without interference

The HGT1 also has a special detection algorithm which identifies the recurring current injection of the source and therefore only records the relevant data. Incorrect measurements such as those resulting from the test probe that has come into contact with the test object, can thus be excluded.

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