Test Universe 4.20

May 20, 2020

Improved Power modules and integration of ADMO light
The newest version of Test Universe 4.20, OMICRON’s solution for advanced settings-based protection testing, offers improved ease of use of the Power modules and the ribbon menu. Further customer requirements have been implemented and, with the integration of ADMO light, users can use the full functionality of ADMO in managing up to 50 assets.

Working with ramps in the Advanced Power module
The Advanced Power module’s input options for entering criteria for automatic ramp assessment have been extended and simplified. Additionally, the power view now displays the trip during ramping. The ribbon in all Distance and Power modules dynamically displays additional commands, providing a closer link between the different areas of the modules and improving usability.

Permanent ADMO light license
The “light” version provides the full ADMO standalone functionality, but for a limited number of assets. The intelligent data management software allows for central planning and management of all engineering, testing and maintenance activities. In addition to the 50 assets, the permanent license also covers the management of an unlimited number of test sets.

Available from July 2020.

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