ADMO Time Grading

The ADMO Time Grading module supports you in creating your time grading schedules. Creating your tripping characteristics and verifiying the selectivitiy is becoming a lot easier. The module also enables you to easily reuse existing time grading schedules. Even after copying and changing a time grading schedule, the module always clearly shows you which version of a time grading schedule is currently active.

If a time grading schedule is deactivated while it is being used as a reference in another time grading schedule, a warning will be displayed. All of your time grading schedules are available in overview mode, making their maintenance more convenient.

Key features

  • Enter tripping characteristics via X and t values
  • Easily load the characteristics of further relays in the schedule and see any overlaps immediately
  • Display variants of time grading schedules, for instance intermediate infeeds
  • Copy, change, verify and activate time grading schedules easily
  • Any activation or archiving of time grading schedules is automatically saved in the history for full reproducibility


  • Create new time grading schedules easier
  • Adapt existing time grading schedules easily
  • Re-use existing time grading schedules by copying and changing a schedule, while remaining aware of which version is active
  • See existing references of time grading schedules at a glance
  • Maintain your time grading schedules with clear oversight


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