Advanced Power

Shot and ramp tests in the P-Q power plane with advanced features

The Advanced Power test modules are used wherever the visualization and assessment in the complex P-Q plane is helpful or essential. Testing applications include load shedding based on power or frequency criteria, stability functions like Q-V protection, power swing blocking, and rotating machinery protection.


  • Complex power ramps
    - Contiguous (gap-free) ramp segments for power swing trajectories, etc.
    - Linear P-Q ramps (along a straight line in the P-Q plane)
    - Linear S-φ ramps (along an arc defined in the P-Q plane)
    - Smooth or step ramps with time-linear change in P, Q, S or φ (1 ms resolution)
    - Ramp assessment according to timing and/or thresholds and/or according to defined protection zone boundaries
    - Linear frequency change supported (e.g. generator acceleration / deceleration)
  • Impedance (R-X) view
    - Test object characteristics defined in the R-X plane, such as loss of field and distance protection,
      may be transformed into and shown in the P-Q power view
    - Impedance transformation depending on operating mode (const. voltage or const. current)
  • Frequency setting per test state
  • Test repetition with statistical analysis
  • Mirrored/scaled currents for a second current triple to avoid pick-up of differential elements

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