Advanced TransPlay

Playback and processing of COMTRADE, PL4, or CSV files

Advanced TransPlay enables the CMC system to test with transient signals. Transient signal data, obtained from fault recorders, CMC test sets with EnerLyzer option (CMC 356, CMC 430 or CMC 256plus), or network simulation programs, can be loaded and viewed, processed, and replayed with Advanced TransPlay. The reaction of the protection device tested with such signals is recorded and assessed, and a test report is generated.


This makes it an ideal tool for:

  • troubleshooting with fault records
  • relay evaluation with transient files (e.g. EMTP calculations)
  • end-to-end testing



Advanced TransPlay supports the following file formats:


IEEE COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111-1991/1999 and 2013) respectively IEC 60255-24, PL4 and CSV.


After a transient file has been loaded, the part of the signal to be replayed is selected by markers. It is possible to repeat parts of the signal, e.g. for extending the pre-fault time. Markers can be set in order to point out significant events in the recording, such as fault inception, starting, tripping, etc.. These markers are the basis for time measurements.

Besides playing back voltage and current signals, Advanced TransPlay can also replay the binary signals in a fault recording via the CMC’s binary outputs. Additional binary signals (e.g. carrier send/received signals from communication-based schemes) can be added. During playback, the selected voltage, current, and binary signals are applied to the protection device. Playback can be synchronized via GPS, IRIG-B protocol or by a time pulse applied to a binary input.

The reaction of the protection device is measured and assessed on the basis of time measurements.


Absolute and relative time measurements are possible:

  • Absolute time measurements determine for instance starting or trip times of the relay during signal playback
  • Relative measurements compare the relay’s reaction during playback to its behavior stored in the recording (reference)


This makes it possible to investigate:

  • if the relay scatters (differences between recording and actual behavior during playback)
  • how a different protection device operates under the same conditions

Advanced TransPlay provides a repetition mode; the individual results for each repetition, as well as average and standard deviation values (statistic functions), are displayed.


This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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