Sweep frequency response analyzer

FRANEO 800 was developed for testing the mechanical and electrical integrity of power transformers after transportation or exposure to high fault currents. It can also be used to detect inter turn faults (short circuits) in rotating electrical machines.

FRANEO 800 uses the SFRA principle (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) and measures the electrical transfer function over a wide range of frequencies. It reliably detects winding defects and faults in the magnetic core of power transformers, as well as winding defects in the stators and rotors of rotating machines. Timely fault detection helps to improve operation reliability, reduce maintenance costs and prevent expensive failures.

Key features

  • Highest dynamic range in SFRA testing industry (> 150 dB)
  • Fully compliant with the IEC 60076-18 and IEEE C57.149 standards
  • Reproducible results thanks to an innovative connection technique
  • Guided workflow for test setup, execution and assessment for easy analysis without expert knowledge
  • Fast measurement times due to the intelligent sweep algorithm
  • Extremely small and compact device guarantees optimum usability


FRANEO 800 can be used on power transformers and rotating machines for:


  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Routine maintenance testing
  • Verification of unusual events identified during conventional testing


Diagnostic testing can also be performed:


  • Before and after transport
  • After a short circuit event
  • Upon detection of high transient fault currents or a significant change in the monitored values (e.g. combustible gases)
  • During a safety shutdown



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