PD Accessories

  • MBB1

    The MBB1 is a measurement balanced bridge that enables you to perform reliable differential PD measurements in test environments with heavy interference.



  • RIV1

    Reliable PD measurements based on Radio Influence Voltage (RIV) according to NEMA and CISPR standards.

  • Bushing Adapters

    A selection of combinable adapters for secure connections to bushings, delivered in a handy case.

  • CAL 542

    Charge calibrators are used to inject a defined charge into and verify the measurement circuit.

  • CPL 542/543

    The CPL quadripole is an external measuring impedance for partial discharge measurements.

  • MCC 112/117/124

    The MCC 112, MCC 117 and MCC 124 are compact coupling capacitors for direct connection to the MPD measurement unit and for the usage in small routine test fields.

  • MCC 210

    The MCC 210 coupling capacitor is designed with a built-in quadripole measuring impedance and includes a dedicated space for the MPD measuring unit and the MPP power pack.

  • MCT 120

    High frequency current transformers pick up partial discharge (PD) signals in moderate heights and in safe distance from high voltage.

  • MCU 502

    The MCU is the transmitter between the MPD and the operating computer for PD measurements.

  • MPP 600

    The MPP battery powers a PD measuring device for more than 20 hours.

  • UHF 608

    The UHF 608 expands the measuring range of MPD 600 systems from 220 to 850 MHz.

  • UHF 620

    The UHF 620 extends the measurable bandwidth of the  600 up to the VHF and UHF range.

  • UHT1

    The UHT1 is a hatch-type UHF sensor used for detecting partial discharges (PD) in oil-paper-insulated power transformers. 



  • UVS 610

    The UVS 610 allows partial discharge (PD) measurements to be conducted in liquid-insulated power transformers.

  • UCS1

    The UCS1 sensor is designed for reliable partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring of high-voltage (HV) cable terminations.

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