We offer a wide range of additional accessories for our test and measurement devices.
Information about the compatibility of our devices and accessories can be found in the detailed descriptions about them.

  • CMC Standard Accessories

    Standard accessories for CMCs

  • CMGPS 588

    GPS controlled time reference for CMC test sets

  • CMIRIG-B Interface

    Interface box enabling the connection of devices sending or receiving the IRIG-B protocol or PPS signals with CMC test sets

  • Polarity Checker CPOL

    Checks a series of terminals for correct wiring

  • CMLIB REF6xx Interface Adapter

    Interface adapter for connecting ABB relays fitted with sensor inputs

  • CMLIB 7Sx8 Interface Adapter

    Interface adapter for connecting SIEMENS protection relays fitted with sensor inputs

  • REF 54x Cable Connector

    Tailored to connect ABB relays of the REF 54x series to the low level outputs of a CMC test set


    For connecting the low level signal outputs of a CMC and/or connecting the inputs of a CMS 356 amplifier with third party signal sources

  • ARC 256x Arc Flash Initiator

    For testing arc flash protection systems

  • SEM Scanning Equipment for Meters

    Scanning Heads and related accessories for testing meters with optical pulse outputs and electromechanical meters

  • SER 1 继电器扫描设备

    扫描和接口盒是为读取继电保护装置的 LED 指示灯而特别设计

  • Current Clamp C-Probe 1

    Active AC and DC current probe with voltage output

  • C-Shunt Precision Shunts

    Precision shunts for current measurements

  • CMTAC 1 AC to DC Trigger Rectifier

    Pluggable rectifier to convert AC trigger signals to DC

  • Recloser and Sectionalizer Test Cables

    Test cables for testing distribution reclosers & sectionalizers, including their controllers and switches

  • Grounding Cable

    For grounding the test set if the power outlet does not have an intact PE connection



  • Generator Combination Cable

    Connection between the Generator-Combination-Plug of the CMC test set to the test object

  • USB to Parallel Converter CMUSB-P

    USB to Parallel Converter for controlling CMC test sets with a parallel port

  • CMC Wiring Accessory Package

    For connecting test objects with CMC test sets

  • Transport Cases

    Sturdy transport cases with hard-foam interiors in different sizes

  • Foldable Stand

    Foldable stand to place CMC devices in upright position

  • RIB1

    RIB1 is used to isolate the SELV low voltage signals from CMC test sets

  • RXB1

    RXB1 is used to extend CMC test sets with binary relay outputs 5 to 8


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