USB to Parallel Converter CMUSB-P

USB to Parallel Converter CMUSB-P

CMUSB-P is a converter for controlling CMC test sets with a parallel port via USB connection. It is the perfect solution for cases where existing notebooks and PCs are replaced by new ones without a parallel port.

Key features

  • CMC test sets with parallel port can be used with newest PC hardware
  • "Plug and Play" functionality
  • no upgrade of the test set hardware required

Technical Data

Compliant toConnector type A, Full speed (12 MBit/s)

Computer interfaceCan be used on all USB ports

Power supply

Over USB (Power consumption: typ. < 100 mA)

Cable length        2.4 m (94.5”)

CMUSB-P firmware

Upgrades automatically done

USB DriverMicrosoft certified

Supported devicesCMC 156, CMC 156 EP,
CMC 256-6, CMC 256plus (PAR-1)

Required TU-softwareTU 2.30 or later

Operating SystemsWindows 2000 SP 4
Windows XP 32bit SP 2,3
Windows Vista 32bit + SP 1
Windows 7 32bit + 64bit


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