Impedance Measurement

For the determination of parameters for your single circuit line, you inject a test current into several different test loops. Each of the loops represents a possible fault scenario. Thereby, the measured loop impedances equal the loop impedances, which the connected protection device would determine during a real fault on the line. Based on these loop impedances, your required single circuit line's parameters are finally calculated.

Conventional test methods use high-power injection at mains frequency for suppression of interferences. You can freely select the frequency with modern systems: By injecting a signal with a frequency higher or lower than the mains frequency and applying a steep filter, you effectively suppress the interference.

Our test system uses this technique and thereby allows you to inject of much smaller currents for gaining accurate measurement results.

Recommended solutions for power cable line testing

CPC 100 + CP CU1

Impedance measurement for determination of distance protection relay settings