Partial Discharge Analysis

Partial discharge (PD)  phenomena are local dielectric breakdowns of a small portion of a solid or liquid electrical insulation that is subjected to high voltage stress. PD often precedes insulation breakdown in power cables and cable accessories, such as joints and terminations, which can result in cost-intensive repairs and possibly prolonged outages.

PD can be the result of internal weak spots in power cables, such as voids, cracks or particles. It is also caused by damage to the outer semi-conductive layer of cables or to joints and terminations during installation.

Partial discharge measurement is a critical criterion for inspecting the quality of power cables and cable accessories during on-site cable commissioning. Accurate, reliable and reproducible PD measurements based on IEC 60270, IEC 60840 and IEC 62067 stadards, can be generated by a guided workflow for routine tests and type tests.

Recommended solutions for partial discharge analysis on power cables

MPD 600

For high-end measuring and analysis needs