CMC wiring accessory package

For connecting test objects to CMC test sets

Accessories for wiring test objects to CMC test sets. The CMC Wiring Accessory Package includes:


6 red + 6 black flexible test lead adapters with retractable sleeve (5 cm/2 in long) for connections to non-safety sockets in combination with the 2 m (6.6 ft) leads
4 flexible jumpers for paralleling current triples up to 32 A or shorting neutrals of binary inputs
4 red + 4 black crocodile clips for contacting pins or screw bolts
12 flexible terminal adapters for screw-type terminals
20 cable lug adapters for M4 (0.15 in) screws
10 cable lug adapters for M5 (0.2 in) screws
10 cable ties (velcro fastener), 150 mm (5.9 in) long

1 accessory bag


The individual components can also be ordered separately.

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