CT Analyzer

Current transformer testing, calibration and assessment

The CT Analyzer automatically determines all relevant current transformer values and compares the results with the selected standard. The device evaluates the current transformer as per the IEC, IEEE or national/self-defined standards within seconds with the push of a button.

It facilitates fast and economical on-site testing and calibration of metering and protection current transformers. Manufacturers of current transformers, high-voltage transformers and switchgear also use the CT Analyzer for tests during development and production.

The CT SB2 switch box is available as an optional accessory to the CT Analyzer for automated testing of current transformers with multiple taps, without the need for complex and time-consuming rewiring.

Key features

  • Highest measurement accuracy: 0.02 % / 1 min when calibrating on site
  • Very small and lightweight (< 8 kg / 17.4 lbs), easy to transport for on-site testing
  • Automatic evaluation according to IEC, IEEE and to customized or local/national standards
  • Short commissioning times (duration of the automatic test < 1min)
  • Excellent workplace safety - Tests run at max. 120 V
  • Integration into testing routines using Remote Interface Control


Range of measurements:

  • Ratio and phase accuracy
  • Winding resistance
  • Excitation characteristics (knee points)
  • Composite error (ALF, ALFi, FS, FSi, Vb)
  • Burden impedance
  • Transient CT classes and parameters (TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ type CTs)
  • Transient dimensioning factor (Ktd)
  • If missing/unknown: CT type, class, ratio, knee point, power factor, nominal burden, operating burden, primary and secondary winding resistance
  • Remanence and residual magnetism
  • Immediate good/bad evaluation

Additional features:

  • Simulate different burdens and currents
  • Analyze the effect of CT saturation
  • Measure VT ratio
  • Multimeter  

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