EtherCAT® hub for CIBANO 500

For tests of large circuit breakers where you need several CB MC2 modules plus a CB TN3 module the EtherCAT® hub EHB1 expands the application area of CIBANO 500 by offering 4 additional EtherCAT® output connections.

The hub itself can be daisy-chained to further EtherCAT® hubs in case even more connections are needed. This offers all usual real-time advantages of the EtherCAT® protocol to be used on a wider scale.

The complex use case of a large circuit breaker with 1 trip coil and 1 close coil as well as 4 interrupter units per phase, for example, can be measured in one run with the following configuration:  

  • CIBANO 500 
  • One EHB1 module 
  • One CB TN3 module (connected to three motion sensors) 
  • Six CB MC2 modules


Key features

  • CIBANO 500 accessory especially designed for tests of large high-voltage circuit breakers with many interrupter units
  • One EtherCAT® input and four outputs for connecting CB MC2 or CB TN3 modules to the EtherCAT® interface of CIBANO 500
  • Allows all important tests of circuit breakers with more than 8 interrupter units without rewiring
  • Tests become more comfortable and safer
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