EnerLyzer Live

Real-time measurement and signal recording for CMC 430

The software tool EnerLyzer Live enhances the CMC 430 with powerful measurement and signal recording functionality. The software works in parallel with any Test Universe module or OCC file. EnerLyzer Live deals with digital and analog signals. Sampled Values according to IEC 61850-9-2, as well as conventional signals, can be measured and visualized simultaneously on a common time base.

Key features

  • Live observation and analysis of all measurements
  • Hybrid measurement and recording of conventional signals, GOOSE and Sampled Values
  • Time-stamped measurements using PTP or IRIG-B time source
  • Fault recording
  • High precision measurement at a high sampling rate (up to 40 kHz)


  • Troubleshooting during relay testing or commissioning
  • Validity checks (voltages, currents, powers)
  • Recording of transients during switching operations
  • Analyze motor start-up behavior
  • Measure voltages and currents during generator synchronization and synch check
  • Analyze transformer inrush
  • Diagnose CB (and auxiliary contacts) and isolator timing behavior
  • Check system perturbation and power quality (for example THD, harmonics)


This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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