Generation of signals with superimposed harmonics

Harmonics generates test signals consisting of a fundamental voltage or current signal and superimposed harmonics. Depending on the used CMC test set, signals with a frequency of up to 3 kHz (i.e. 60th harmonic at 50 Hz or 50th harmonic at 60 Hz) may be generated.

Harmonics allows defining the fundamental of three voltage and three current signals, and – superimposed on those – any combination of even and odd harmonics. The harmonics thereby can be entered either in percentages or absolute values. Harmonic signals can be output directly or exported as COMTRADE files.

Harmonics features both a static output mode and a sequence mode. In sequence mode a sequence consisting of three states can be injected:

  • Pre-signal: fundamental wave
  • Signal: fundamental wave and harmonics
  • Post-signal: fundamental wave

A timer starts at the moment of harmonic injection and stops on a trigger event. The response time is indicated.

This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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