Optimize your investment and human resources planning

The ADMO dashboard processes the asset and maintenance data available in ADMO and displays it using widgets.

ADMO supports you by processing your relevant data and providing substantial help when making corresponding decisions. It helps to optimize investment strategies, human resource and maintenance planning.

Filters allow you to define a specific area for processing according to locations, voltage levels, feeders, or types of assets. The time frame that should be processed can also be defined.

Get your customized widget and get access to the data that you need.

Key features

  • Display and sort the age of your assets according to manufacturing year
  • Display and sort your maintenance tasks according to asset type
  • Display and sort your maintenance tasks according to protection technology type
  • Display and sort your maintenance tasks according to testers that have been assigned to them
  • Display all of the maintenance tasks that are due in an overview
  • Display and sort all misoperations according to manufacturer and device type
  • Customer specific widget - you can order a customized widget providing the data you really need


  • Asset life cycle management and investment planning
  • Plan which employees or service providers you will use for maintenance tasks
  • Determine your human resources requirements for upcoming maintenance tasks
  • Assess the reliability of a certain type of asset or a certain type of device
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