Electrical Tests

With our test systems, you can carry out a series of standard tests quickly, such as determining the magnetization characteristic, saturation behavior (ALF/FS), transformation ratio and its accuracy, polarity, load, winding resistance, withstand voltage or remanence. Hence, you are provided a significant overview of the condition of your instrument transformer to determine further necessary measures.

In order to test instrument transformers to accuracy class 0.1, it has been previously necessary to carry out a complex on-site test, or sometimes to disassemble them completely and take them to a test laboratory for testing. By contrast, our powerful and compact test solutions are perfect for field use. Thanks to the high degree of accuracy provided, they can also be used partially for the calibration of instrument transformers during metering.

Recommended solutions for common electrical tests on current and voltage/potential transformers

CT Analyzer

High-precision mobile testing of current transformers through secondary injection


Accurate and mobile voltage transformer testing and calibration

CPC 100

High-performance test system for performance checks through primary injection


Easy wiring checks of secondary wiring