Partial discharge analysis for routine and acceptance testing on instrument transformers

The MPD 500 is the ideal solution for performing routine tests, such as acceptance tests for instrument transformers in test environments. It allows you to reliably identify and analyze partial discharge (PD) and radio interference voltages (RIV) in real-time. Due to its low electricity consumption, 20 continuous hours of operation are possible.

You are completely protected and can obtain highly precise measurements thanks to the fibre optic connections being used. Potential interference is reduced by digital data processing and the ability to freely choose a measurement frequency.

With just a single click you can obtain a "pass/fail" result for your measurements, or you can perform an automatic measurement in accordance with IEC 60270. With our software, you can individually compile a test report and the listed measurement data.

MPD 500

Partial discharge measuring system for routine and acceptance tests

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