Wiring Check of Secondary Wiring

Wiring checks from CTs and VTs (PTs) to relays, meters or the control room are indispensable. Especially in high voltage environments CTs and VTs are often far away from the end connection point.
Due to the battery operation and the low weight COMPANO 100 is particularly handy in such applications. It provides the fastest and easiest way to verify the wiring, even without mains supply. As COMPANO 100 can also inject current from primary side to the CT and an independent voltage signal to the VT/PT path, it is possible to find all potential wiring errors, missing grounds, unwanted additional grounds, wiring swappings and even check the CT direction setting in the relay. With the electronic source it is possible to inject a distinctive, DC free polarity check signal that allows to check the polarity not only at the end but also on all interconnection points along the wiring. It also allows to see whether one follows the right signal because it is distinctive.

All these tests can also be performed with the CPC 100. Particularly for primary injection, the CPC 100 provides much more power and can be perfectly applied for a longer test duration. In addition, users can also do many more tests on CTs, VTs (PTs) and power transformers.

With the CT Analyzer much more detailed testing on the CT itself can be performed. For example, every ratio combination can be tested automatically without rewiring. An integrated connection check function tests the secondary connection to the CT and indicates wiring mistakes before the measurement cycle begins.

Recommended solutions for wiring checks of secondary wiring


Mobile wiring checks

CPC 100

Universal primary injection test set for substation assets