OMS 605 System

Portable partial discharge diagnosis system

On-line partial discharge diagnosis

The OMS 605 is a portable, IEC 60270 compliant on-line partial discharge (PD) diagnosis system designed for the short-term and long-term evaluation of the insulation condition in medium-voltage and high-voltage assets under load.

OMS 605 at a glance

All-in-one solution
All that you need for short-term or long-term partial discharge diagnosis is included in a rugged, wheeled case that is easy to transport to various locations.
Easy set up
To save you time, pre-wired, plug-and-play modules enable you to quickly setup and connect the PD diagnosis system to permanently-installed sensors without having to shut down the asset.
Reliable data
Synchronous, multi-channel partial discharge data acquisition on all three phases ensures effective noise and PD source separation and for accurate PD analysis.
Comprehensive analysis
A mobile workstation can be connected to the PD diagnosis system either onsite or back in the office. The dedicated software enables easy PD trend comparison and analysis.

Effective noise suppression

Synchronous three-channel PD data acquisition ensures complete PD data acquisition. A fourth channel is available for an additional PD sensor or for noise gating hardware. Advanced noise and PD source separation techniques ensure reliable PD detection. The OMS 605 software visualizes the data and allows users to record live data streams and to conduct detailed post-analysis.

“Our OMS 605 is a convenient, portable diagnosis solution that lets you periodically assess partial discharge activity in the insulation systems of various electrical assets.”

Key features

  • All-in-one solution for on-line PD diagnosis 
  • Easy to transport to different locations
  • Plug-and-play modules for fast system set-up
  • Compatible with a variety of PD sensors
  • Rugged design for reliable operation in industrial environments (IP65)
  • Advanced noise and PD source separation for reliable PD detection
  • Comprehensive software for PD data display and analysis


The OMS 605 is allows service providers as well as test and maintenance engineers at manufacturers, utilities and industrial plants for performing periodic on-line PD diagnosis on various electrical assets, including:

  • Motors and generators
  • HV cables and their accessories
  • MV and HV switchgear
  • Power transformers

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