Protective Relay Testing in Development & Production

Development and production environments pose special challenges for a test system. With our CMC test sets we approach these challenges by providing you with state-of-the-art technology that is renowned for its reliability, precision, and versatility.

Extensive functional prototype testing, type testing, automated sequences of tests, statistics evaluation etc. can all be managed easily. It is also possible to create all the variations of steady state signals and perform dynamic tests with easy-to-use network models and powerful transient simulation tools.

All of these combined features allow for customized testing solutions as well as the overnight batch processing of extensive and in-depth test routines.

Recommended solutions for protective relay development and production

CMC + Test Universe with CMEngine

Highly flexible relay testing

CMC + RelayLabTest

Simulation-based type testing

CMC + Test Universe + IEC 61850 testing tools

IED testing and verification

CMC + Test Universe

Automated relay testing


for CMC test sets or network simulators