Protective Relay Troubleshooting & Analysis

If a protection system is displaying unexpected behavior, you need to find its cause quickly. For this reason it is very helpful to have a versatile test set, which also has the ability to record and analyze transient signals. Furthermore, in IEC 61850 environments it is also important to have access to the individual relays, and to be able to detect, control and simulate GOOSE messages on the substation network. All relevant information and documents should be accessible on a database.

For all of these tasks we can provide you with tailored solutions which also offer comprehensive support for demanding analyses.

Recommended solutions for protective relay troubleshooting and analysis


Distributed Hybrid Signal Analyzer

CMC + Test Universe + EnerLyzer

Transient recording and analysis


High mobility due to battery operation


IEC 61850 testing tools


IEC 61850 testing tools


Maintenance management of protection systems