Universal controller and relay testing

We offer a comprehensive range of cable packages as an accessory to CMC test sets for testing various recloser and sectionalizer controls. This allows you to use the highly flexible CMC testing devices for both recloser controls and protection relays.

For quick manual testing in the field, CMControl R with its specific tools for testing recloser and sectionalizer controls is the ideal choice for operating the CMC test sets. CMControl R is available as an App for Windows PC and Android tablets or as a flexible front panel control unit with touch screen.

For highly automated testing, a CMC test set can also be controlled via the Test Universe software running on a Windows PC. For this type of application we offer test object specific test templates which can be customized by the users.

CMC 353

Compact and versatile three-phase relay testing solution

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Recloser and Sectionalizer
Test Cables

For testing distribution recloser & sectionalizer controls

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