Dissipation/Power Factor Measurement (Tan Delta)

The insulation is the most sensitive part of rotating machines. The lifetime of a stator winding depends on how effectively the electrical insulation can prevent any occurrence of winding faults.

Weak spots can already occur in the insulation during manufacture or impregnation with cast resin, through the stresses of daily operation (for example in the form of soiling) or general aging.

With capacitance and dissipation factor measurements, also known as tan-delta measurements, changes in the insulation can be diagnosed. Aging processes, changes in the structure of the insulation or moisture ingress can, for example, increase the dissipation factor. The increase in the dissipation factor during the "tip-up test" reflects the condition of the insulation.

With our systems, you can measure both the capacitance and the dissipation factor. Based on the results, you can then initiate any appropriate measures such as repairs or replacing a generator/motor bar.

Recommended solutions for dissipation factor/power factor measurements on generators and motors

CPC 100 + CP TD1 + CP CR500

Dissipation factor/power factor measurement including source, capacitor and compensation reactor


Precise measurement of dissipation factor, power factor and capacitance