Other Stator Electrical Tests

In addition to dissipation/power factor measurements, partial discharge analysis and dielectric response analysis, there are additional common stator electrical tests that can be performed. They assess the insulation integrity and help to identify connection problems and weak points in the stator winding.

These additional tests include voltage withstand testing, insulation resistance, polarization index and dc winding resistance measurements, as well as inter turn fault detection.

For all of these diagnostic methods, we offer you the matching testing and monitoring solution. With these solutions, you can perform a fast and accurate condition assessment on a variety of electrical machines to identify potential problems and risks quickly.

Recommended solutions for other common stator electrical tests on generators and motors

CPC 100 + CP TD1 + CP CR500

High-voltage source for partial discharge measurements and voltage withstand tests


Insulation condition assessment

CPC 100

Standard electrical tests for rotating machines


Sweep frequency response analyzer