Single-Phase Differential

Single-phase tests of the operating characteristic and the inrush blocking of differential relays

Single-Phase Differential provides a compact testing solution for transformer, line, generator, and busbar differential protection relays. It performs single-phase tests of the operating characteristic (pick-up value, slope test) and the inrush blocking function (harmonic restraint test).

Variable tap settings, as for some older electromechanical relays (e.g. Westinghouse HU, or GE BDD) can be addressed. For the operating characteristic test, test points are defined in the Idiff/ Ibias plane. A graphic user interface makes the test definition easy.

Single-Phase Differential also tests the harmonic restraint function. For this function, the test points are determined by the differential current and the percentage of the superimposed harmonic. The test currents belonging to the test points are injected into the relay and the reaction of the relay is assessed.

This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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