Dissipation factor/power factor measurement including source and capacitor

To enable the undisturbed operation of high-voltage circuit breakers it is particularly important that the insulation is in flawless condition. CPC 100 and CP TD1 allow you to perform power / dissipation factor (Tan Delta) measurements over a wide frequency range (from 15 to 400 Hz). Thanks to this combination, you can draw reliable conclusions about the insulation's condition.

Our system is ideal for use in the field, thanks to its light-weight, modular design and integrated high-voltage source. Testing templates guide you through the test process and in addition, you can automatically generate comprehensive test reports. Thanks to the measuring process and selectable measurement bandwidth, it is even possible to take exact measurements in areas with high levels of interference.

CPC 100

Multi-functional test system for high-voltage assets

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Accessory for power/dissipation factor and capacitance testing

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