HV source for partial discharge measurements

Impurities can occur in gas-insulated switch gear (GIS) during production or maintenance. They can cause major problems in operation. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform a partial discharge measurement during commissioning (acceptance tests).

Our CPC 100 and CP RC system allows you to feed the required high voltage (up to 235 kV) into GIS with an integrated “Power VT”.  The “Power VT” that is already integrated in the GIS replaces the test transformer, which would otherwise be necessary. This saves space and transport costs in your test procedures.

Testing using the CPC 100 and CP RC also eliminates the need to vent, pump or refill SF6 gases. In addition, you can perform a voltage withstand test with the CPC 100 and CP RC in accordance with the IEC 62271-203 standards.

CPC 100

Multi-functional test system for high-voltage assets

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Resonance circuit units for GIS testing

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