Partial discharge analysis

In GIS with SF6-insulation partial discharges (PD) produce electromagnetic waves in a very wide frequency spectrum.

The combination of the MPD 600 measuring system and the UHF 620 converter allows you to select between different measurement bandwidths (narrow, wide and mid band) and to variably adjust the center frequency. In particular, the measurement with variable center frequency permits the specific selection of low-interference frequency windows. As a result, the test system is ideally suited for on-site measurements, even with interferences.

Thanks to the fiber optic measurement you and your computer are galvanically isolated from the sensing unit and GIS. This greatly reduces potential interference and improves protection from dangerous surges.

MPD 600

High-end measuring and analysis system for partial discharges

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UHF 620

Bandwidth converter - accessory for the MPD 600

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