Manual and automatic testing of electrical measure and transducers

Transducer enables a CMC for manual or automatic testing of any measurement function of transducers, such as:

  • Real power (single- or three-phase)
  • Reactive power (single- or three-phase)
  • Apparent power (single- or three-phase)
  • Frequency
  • Current
  • Voltage (phase-to-ground, phase-to-phase)
  • cos φ
  • Phase angle (V-I, V-V, I-I)
  • DC quantities (current, voltage, power)
  • Signed average of currents

The module supports testing of the following types of characteristics:

  • Linear
  • Compound
  • Quadratic
  • Symmetrical or non-symmetrical

The “manual test“ mode is used, if a measurement transducer is to be re-adjusted. Every desired input quantity can be generated for the transducer. Furthermore, it is easy to switch between significant points of a characteristic, where the error of the transducer is shown at a certain input value.

An automatic test includes the sequential output of a pre-defined test point table, as well as the documentation and assessment of the results. Here, the test points represent the input value of the measurement transducer. In addition, the behavior at changing input voltage or frequency can be performed as an option.

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Transducer Module Part I

Transducer Module Part II


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