Sensor for PD measurements in high-frequency UHF range

Our UCS1 sensor is designed for reliable partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring of high-voltage (HV) cable terminations. The sensor performs PD measurements in high-frequency UHF range. This ensures a more sensitive detection of PD in environments with high disturbance levels.

The sensor detects PD signals as transient pulses in the ground system of the HV cable and cable terminations. This is performed reliably in installations with or without parallel installed grounding connections. The signal output is galvanically isolated from the primary terminals to prevent induced currents along the signal cable.

Key features

  • Measures PD in high-frequency UHF range
  • Ensures sensitive PD measurements in noisy environments
  • Designed specifically for PD detection at HV cable terminations
  • Does not require parallel installed grounding connections
  • Galvanically isolated signal output prevents induced currents
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