VI Starting

Testing of the voltage dependent overcurrent starting function of distance relays

VI Starting tests the voltage dependent overcurrent starting characteristic used in many distance relays. Additionally, it is a perfect tool for many tests on overcurrent and undervoltage functions. For any specified test point, it detects the pick-up value, the drop-off value, and the ratio.



  • Automatic finding of characteristics
  • Automatic testing according to specified characteristics
  • Automatic determination of pick-up and drop-off values
  • Separate characteristics for phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase starting
  • Intuitive operation with graphical representation of the test
  • Clear representation of results in tabular and graphical form



  • Easy fault specification with fault type and fault quantities
  • Generation of realistic test quantities with models for phase-to-ground, two-phase and three–phase faults
  • Phasor diagram with additional numeric display of the test quantities

This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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