Logic and Interlocking Testing

In today’s substation automation systems (SAS), often many logic control functions are implemented: control interlocking, automated command sequences, or even more complex algorithms. Testing these functions can be very time-consuming. StationScout allows you to automatically test and document the complete set of available logic functions based on defined test plans in a time-saving manner. After system changes or firmware upgrades, existing test plans can be easily re-used.

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StationScout on the MBX1, RBX1, or VBX1 platform

StationScout is our smart solution to test all logic functions of your SAS. After defining test cases, input signals, and expected output for all logics to be analyzed, StationScout assesses the functions. Test cases can be executed step-by-step with manual signal stimulation or completely automated with simulated signals by StationScout. The assessment results in a clear test report for print-out or digital storage.

Compare product details

  • Mobile usage
  • 4x RJ45 station ports
  • AC power supply

  • 19” rack installation for permanent use in harsh substation environments
  • 8x SFP (back) + 1x RJ45 (front)
  • Different DC/AC supply ranges, redundant option

  • Deploy on existing computing platforms installed in substations and control centers
  • Quick deployment and maintenance
  • Easy to backup and restore

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StationScout | Testing your SAS through the whole lifecycle

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