On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring

A variety of stress and aging factors result in partial discharge (PD) activity in electrical equipment during its service life, which can cause defects and eventual dielectric failure in the equipment’s insulation.

On-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring provides you with continuous insulation condition status while electrical equipment is in operation and under the influence of deteriorating forces.

Temporary PD monitoring systems are used to periodically assess PD activity in single assets over shorter periods of time, whereas permanent PD monitoring systems assess PD activity over the entire service life of single or multiple assets. Based on the collected data, you are able to decide if and when it is necessary to schedule downtime and perform maintenance.

These monitoring systems conduct sensitive PD measurements to identify potential defects before failure occurs. Noise suppression and PD source separation algorithms are used to reliably identify harmful PD activity. Warnings and alarms are triggered when user-defined threshold levels are exceeded.

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MONTESTO 200 is a portable, two-in-one solution that enables you to perform both temporary on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring and on-line PD measurements. It can be used on various medium-voltage and high-voltage electrical assets under load to periodically trend and assess insulation condition over specified periods of time. You can use the IP65 rated MONTESTO 200 both indoors and outdoors.

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MONTESTO 200 – Easy on-line partial discharge measurement and monitoring

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