OT/ICS Asset Inventory Management and Discovery

The first step to securing your operational technology (OT) and determining the overall risk level begins with identifying which devices are present in your network. Security regulations for critical systems, such as the EU NIS directive and NERC-CIP, require an asset inventory as a base for risk management. Establishing this inventory and keeping it up to date can be a lot of work.

StationGuard automatically discovers all assets in the network, creates an asset inventory, and visualizes all communication activities. It generates accurate information for each asset by combining network analysis with SCL engineering files from the substation. The asset inventory can be updated by importing information from external sources.

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StationGuard performs automatic asset discovery and identifies all devices in the network. This inventory can be exported and integrated into 3rd-party systems.

When operated on the 19" RBX1 platform, StationGuard represents and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) tailor-made for power grids. The permanently installed hardware monitors and updates your asset inventory 24/7 and provides you with immediate alerts in case of unknown assets and prohibited activity.

When operated on the mobile MBX1 platform, StationGuard is a powerful tool for quick security assessments or for temporary security monitoring, e.g., during commissioning.

By documenting all connections as well as protocols and applications that are being used, StationGuard enables the security of the entire system to be assessed.


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  • Mobile usage with quick set-up
  • 4x RJ45 (front) + 2x RJ45 (back)
  • AC power supply

  • 19” rack installation for permanent use in harsh substation environments
  • 8x SFP (back) + 1x RJ45 (front)
  • Different DC/AC supply ranges, redundant option

Automatically collect detailed information about your assets



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