Temporary Partial Discharge Monitoring of Power Cables

Partial discharge (PD) is a common sign of insulation breakdown in power cables and cable accessories, such as joints and terminations, which can eventually result in cost-intensive repairs and prolonged outages.

With suitable sensors, PD activity can be monitored and trended on a temporary continuous basis during the operating life of the equipment for troubleshooting in the field. The terminations and joints of the cable system are typical PD measurement points. Powerful noise suppression and PD source separation algorithms are used to reliably localize harmful PD phenomena in the cable system.

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MONTESTO 200 is a portable, two-in-one solution that enables you to perform both temporary on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring and on-line PD measurements on power cable systems under load to periodically trend PD activity and assess insulation condition over specified periods of time.

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MONCABLO is a customizable, permanently-installed system for the continuous on-line monitoring of partial discharge (PD) activity in the electrical insulation of high-voltage cable systems, including cable terminations and joints. Advanced diagnostic techniques enable you to reliably evaluate insulation condition and locate defects to prevent costly in-service failures at an early stage.


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MONTESTO 200 – Easy on-line partial discharge measurement and monitoring

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