Time Synchronization Testing

Time synchronization is of paramount importance for the reliable operation of Digital Substations, especially for applications with Sampled Values in process bus networks. Due to its high accuracy, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) based on IEEE 1588 v2.0 and IEC 61850-9-3 standards is widely used for Digital Substation applications.

Time synchronization testing through monitoring of PTP packets not only verifies the reliable operation of the time sources, but also checks correct switchover during loss of satellite signals and/or of the communication network in a substation.

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DANEO 400 sniffs PTP messages on the substation communication network to check the availability and accuracy of time synchronization signals. It records, visualizes, and analyzes all details of the available PTP time sources, the grandmaster clock, and their signals. The signal analyzer can be used at various nodes across the network for easy troubleshooting. If multiple PTP time sources are used, the Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA) is verified with a live visualization of the clock switchover in the DANEO Control software.

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Route to IEC 61850 (2017): Testing PTP time synchronization

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