Transition to Digital Substations with OMICRON

The decarbonization and decentralization of power systems can be accelerated through digitalization. Vice versa, digitalization of power systems is driven by decarbonization and decentralization.
Digital Substations enable the fast and reliable integration of distributed energy resources (DER) into power systems. Besides increasing safety, they boost sustainability and lower the carbon footprint. They also reduce TOTEX investment costs for your substations.

We can help you on your journey to digitizing your power systems. Our innovative testing tools quickly adopt Digital Substations in the power system industry.

With our solutions and expertise, we support you throughout a life cycle, starting with appropriate specifications, IED evaluation, testing and commissioning, to the operation and maintenance of your Digital Substations.

We actively participate in the development of international standards to ensure multi-vendor interoperability. With our efforts in moving on to Digital Substations, we want to encourage utilities across the world to share best practices and promote an industry dialogue.

Supporting the Entire Life Cycle of Digital Substations

The typical lifecycle of Digital Substations consists of three critical stages:

  • Engineering design
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance

All three stages require new tools and processes for a seamless transition from conventional to digital practices – one of the main parts being the move from hard-wired communication to an Ethernet-based network.

The resilience of Digital Substations depends on specific sub-systems: protection and control systems, the communication network, and time synchronization sources.

We have been continuously developing innovative testing solutions for these systems. And we’ve built up vast global expertise in the field of Digital Substations. With this, our experts and solutions address all requirements for a seamless transition during all three stages of project delivery.

Our Application Services team works with utilities and service providers across the globe to share knowledge and best practices for Digital Substations and innovative digitalization projects.



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