Benefits of this solution

The idea behind

FRANEO 800 detects winding defects and faults in the magnetic core, using the SFRA principle. This can be performed fully compliant with the IEC 60076-18 and IEEE C57.149 standards.

Reproducibility due to a proper connection technique

The innovative and simple connection technique and the optimized clamps ensure reproducible measurements, which is vital for this kind of comparative method.

Highest dynamic range

The precise FRANEO 800 provides the highest dynamic range in the industry. The intelligent sweep settings shorten the measurement duration significantly without reducing the sensitivity.

Software-support using PTM

FRANEO 800 operates with the Primary Test Manager ™ (PTM) software, the ideal solution for diagnostic testing and condition assessment. The easy to use software guides you during test setup, execution and assessment, allowing easy analysis also without expert knowledge.

"With FRANEO 800 we used what had been tried and proven over the years regarding SFRA measurements. The result is the most compact, reliable, robust and precise test device which offers users optimal support."

“Benefit from the expertise we acquire through the continuous sharing of knowledge .”

We maintain a constant dialogue with users and experts – for example during customer events and conferences all over the world and our collaboration with numerous standardization committees. We also share our knowledge with you in our customer portal and a wide spectrum of training possibilities, including start-up training and webinars.

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