Benefits of this solution

Moisture determination

Moisture ingress via leaks is one of the biggest threats to the life of an instrument transformer and can lead to a hazardous failure. The determination of moisture content is vital for evaluating the remaining lifespan of your transformer.

Combined advantages

DIRANA combines advanced time domain spectroscopy (PDC+) with frequency domain method spectroscopy (FDS). In addition to moisture content of the transformer, DIRANA also determines oil conductivity, power/dissipation factor and capacitance.

Software support using PTM

DIRANA operates with the Primary Test Manager ™ (PTM) software, the ideal solution for diagnostic testing and condition assessment. The easy to use software determines all relevant parameters, provides automatic analysis and requires no expert knowledge.

Easy and comfortable testing

With DIRANA you get all the required components in just one box, making it easy to transport (19 kg/ 42 lbs). Its simple wiring concept and clamps with integrated guard connections make setting up tests easy and fast for all type of assets.

“DIRANA is the fastest test system for reliable moisture determination in oil-paper insulated current and voltage/potential transformers.”

“You can count on our solutions because they’ve been developed with experience and passion . Due to our innovative approach, we’re setting groundbreaking standards in our industry sector.“

We invest more than 15 % of our total turnover in research and development so that we’re even able to guarantee the reliable use of the latest technology and methods in the future. With a comprehensive product care concept that includes things like free software updates, we can also guarantee that your investment will pay off in the long term.

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