Benefits of this solution

Multi-functional test system

With CPC 100 you can perform the most common electrical tests on power and instrument transformers, rotating machines, grounding systems, power lines and cables. CP TD12/15 completes your CPC 100 for dissipation/power factor and capacitance measurements.

Increased measurement sensitivity

The frequency sweep from 15 Hz to 400 Hz increases the sensitivity of the test. This improves insulation condition assessment and helps to detect defects at an early stage.

Powerful CP TD12/15

The CP TD12/15 includes a high-voltage source (12 kV/15 kV, 300 mA), a reference capacitor and measurement electronics. It achieves laboratory precision even in environments with strong interferences.

Ideal for on-site testing

CPC 100 combined with CP TD12/15 can be mounted on a trolley making the system easy to transport and ideal for on-site testing.

“The CPC 100 + CP TD12/15 enables dissipation/power factor measurements on various high-voltage assets such as power transformers, rotating machines and instrument transformers.”

“Benefit from the expertise we acquire through the continuous sharing of knowledge .”

We maintain a constant dialogue with users and experts – for example during customer events and conferences all over the world and our collaboration with numerous standardization committees. We also share our knowledge with you in our customer portal and a wide spectrum of training possibilities, including start-up training and webinars.

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