Benefits of this solution

Being compliant

During commissioning, or after design changes, the CPC 100 + CP RC can perform voltage withstand tests in accordance with the IEC 62271-203 standard. It provides test voltages of up to 235 kV on GIS with nominal voltages of 145 kV.

Cost-saving test procedure

The idea behind this procedure saves space and, in particular, transport cost: You can use a “Power VT”, which is already integrated into the GIS, avoiding the need for an external, additional test transformer.

Easy transport

The compact design of the multi-functional CPC 100 (29 kg / 64 lbs) and lightweight resonance circuit components CP RC (less than 21 kg / 46 lbs per unit) makes the solution easy to transport.

Powerful extension

In order to provide more power, you can synchronize two CPC 100s using the optional CPC Sync functionality. Thus, you can achieve test voltages of up to 270 kV for nominal voltages of 170 kV.

“During a voltage withstand test, the CPC 100 + CP RC can be directly connected to the GIS Power VT. Therefore, the SF6-gas doesn’t need to be drained or refilled."

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