Testing and monitoring of motors and generators

Do you know the condition of your rotating electrical machines? We can help you find out.

Ensure reliable motor and generator operation and reduce the risk of failure

Rotating electrical machines are critical for power generation and running critical processes in industrial applications. However, performance and reliability can be compromised over time due to the thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical stresses motors and generators are continuously subjected to when in operation.

Premature machine failure from operational wear-and-tear can result in significant financial losses, due to unexpected outages, production shutdown and possible irreparable damage.

Effective defect detection in rotating machines

We have identified a set of essential electrical diagnostic methods that will help you to perform complete on-site condition assessments of your motors and generators to know when components need repairing or replacing.

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Diagnostic testing and monitoring of rotating machines

What you need to know about assessing the condition of your motors and generators to ensure their reliable performance:

  • Common machine defects and how to detect them
  • Recommended diagnostic tests and testing solutions
  • How to set up tests and interpret results

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Meet our solutions for assessing insulation condition
in rotating electrical machines:

CPC 100

Multi-functional solution for common electrical tests

Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option

Reliable stator core testing on rotating machines with the CPC 100


Capacitance and dissipation/power factor (tan delta) testing with integrated high-voltage source for diagnostic measurements up to 15 kV at rated frequency 


MPD 800

Universal system for off-line partial discharge measurement and analysis



On-line partial discharge measurement and temporary monitoring system


Permanent on-line partial discharge monitoring system for rotating machines



Benefit from our rotating machine testing solutions


Their compact, lightweight design makes our rotating machine testing solutions easy to transport and use in areas with limited space.

Industry-compliant testing

Perform electrical tests in compliance with international standards to ensure reliable defect detection in your rotating machines.

Flexible high-voltage source

Test machines up to 15 kV at rated frequency with our modular HV source. It also measures capacitance and dissipation/power factor.

Save time

Automated testing procedures and reporting help you to work quickly and more efficiently for on-site electrical testing.


OMICRON offers you:

  • Extensive knowledge in rotating electrical machine diagnosis
  • Complete set of electrical testing and monitoring solutions
  • Dedicated 24/7 expert technical support
  • Experienced hands-on training at OMICRON Academy 



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